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About BAO Story Production

BAO Story Production is a mixed media production company located in Los Angeles City.
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Creative Development




We emphasized the need to build new system of media and contents business including films, animations, characters, games, and music.
Under the media convergence paradigm, BSP was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Edlyn Lois & Associates to mainly focus
on new professionalism-creativity-technique amalgamated production services.

Edlyn Lois & Associates, the parent company of following premier design and marketing agencies :
iF & Emp | Design & Art | BAO Story Production
– features fine print design, graphic design, video making, web development, market research, social media marketing and strategic marketing.

Our aim is to stay connected with our clients, producers and audience and eventually to provide intellectual and emotional connection
between by preparing responsible and rational plan. There are many stories. Make your story special with BAO Story Production.

Our Companion – Vincent Cirrincione Associates, Ltd.

Bao Story Production Inc. and Vincent Cirrincione Associates Ltd. has established a strategic partnership agreement as business companions. Vincent Cirrincione Associates Ltd., the company currently managing more than 13 talents in Hollywood and worldwide including Halle Berry, is joining forces with company, Bao Story Production Inc., to further exploit its market to Asia. By authorizing Bao Story Production Inc. as an exclusive Asia market’s representative of Vincent Cirrincione Associates Ltd., both companies plan to continue developing their strategic partnership and play a big role in the film industry.

About Bao & VCA  Film Packaging  Television Packaging  Talent Management



Creative Development

Talking broadly, some people may say that finding and developing a script takes just 5% of whole production project, but this 5% runs a tight ship of entire project. The essential core of the creative development is in the content which can be called cultural property or values that provide psychological pleasure, satisfaction, inspiration and emotional impact to people. We engage writers, researchers, filmmakers, technologists and professionals from a variety of fields to actualize your story.

Commercial Projects

On average, companies have 8 to 15 seconds to persuade customers through visual communication. This significantly emphasizes the importance of quality-video marketing. We study your corporate and brand identities and listen to your customers then, generate the best way to maximize advertising impact.

Entertainment Projects

We collaborate with artists, producers, and content distributors all across the world to produce great storytelling films. We can help you from pre-production stage to post-production stage, and produce anything from a low-budget video to a large-scale multi-camera epic movie.

Web Based Multimedia Projects

Among many media formats, video marketing on social media and websites has become increasingly important. Online marketing needs specific goals and numeric targets. BSP’s creative production staff, network professionals, and marketing specialists help your video reach to the farthest.

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Our Team

Our teams are designed to better assist precision in meeting your needs and work together to find creative solutions.

Creative Development

Creative Development

Research | Concepting | Story Boards | Scripts | Script Development



Budgeting | Casting | Booking | Location | Permitting | Hair & Makeup



Directing | Stages | Filming | Audio | Lighting |Management

Post Production

Post Production

Editing | Digital Imaging | Graphics & Animation | Conversion | Compression | Color Correction | Sound | Planning

BSP Partners

Together, our strategic partners provide integrated support, expertise & outreach.

Edlyn Lois Associates
Design & Art
iF & EMP
Edlyn & Lois Associates

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